This blog and our Mexico newsletter seeks to provide a concise summary of the major political developments in Mexico.

Our focus is on what the principal Mexican political actors say and do, and how those words and actions are reflected in the principal opinion-making media in the country. 

We began the newsletter prior to the 2006 presidential election. We believed that that election would be a transformational event, with profound implications for the country’s direction, Mexican business, and U.S. business and strategic interests in the country. We believe that there is no set of strategic or business relationships more important for the citizens of either country than the U.S.—Mexico relationship.  

About Zemi Communications

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About the Editor

Daniel Wilson has been involved in Mexico professionally for more than 25 years, starting with the 1982 debt crisis. His career in banking (political risk assessment, debt restructuring, debt-equity swaps, bond trading), as a private equity investor, and as a communications adviser has kept him constantly engaged with Mexico and its many-faceted transformation over these years.  He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and has an M.A. from Yale University in International Relations.

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