Only 5% of gang-related killings are investigated by federal authorities

According to the Justice Ministry (PGR), federal prosecutors have only opened 1,210 preliminary homicide investigations from December 2006 through March 2010, during which period the government’s own figures show that gang-related killings totaled 22,743.  The figures on investigations were provided through a transparency law request by El Universal.  All such killings would in theory be subject to federal jurisdiction, although many of them may be under investigation by state authorities. No figures were provided on state-level investigations. Security specialist Jorge Chabat of CIDE said, “The reduced number of investigations for aggravated homicides being investigated by the PGR is a reflection of the incapacity of the institutions to investigate these crimes, which have also increased exponentially in recent years, and have overwhelmed them.” (Universal 6/21)

In response the PGR issued a statement emphasizing that most killings were investigated by local authorities, and that federal investigations were opened when diplomats or members of the security forces were involved, or where there was such notoriety that the federal authorities exercised their rights to jurisdiction.  The statement added,

The PGR reiterates that the fight against organized crime is a systematic action of the Mexican State, directed at reducing a problem of public safety that has become a problem of national security. For this reason, all the capacities of the government are being employed and every [level of government]  has a function to fulfil, in accordance with the attributes established by Law and under the criteria of close coordination established by the Constitution. (PGR 6/21)


One response to “Only 5% of gang-related killings are investigated by federal authorities

  1. I am a Mexican citizen and I can tell you that the drug killings will not stop because the drug trade is too lucrative of a business. As long as United States citizens continue consuming drugs, the killings will continue in Mexico.

    I have personally seen teenagers recruited to the title knows as “antenna” who’s sole purpose is to stand on corners, on hills, on mountain sides and report suspicious vehicles that may contain contrary narco-traffickers to a base command. These youngsters get paid $300 pesos per day (about $22 dollars per day) which is about 4 times what they would earn at a factory per day. As an educator at a university, these kids earn close to what I earn.

    I know that Americans think that they do this kind of job for $5 American dollars per day but this is very much false. It is very common that these “antennas” get killed by contrary narcos, it happens daily in most cities. What shocks me is that a replacement is ready the next day.

    I just ask that the United States do more to prevent the drugs from flowing so freely, this will put a big dent in the killings here in Mexico. Please understand that I do my part to teach the youth the dangers of drug abuse. I can not be too vocal though because being vocal has cost many people their lives. May God bless.